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Tiberius Greyhand
Born: 885
Died: 1131
House: Bonisagus, later Flambeau
Nationality: Saxon
Current or last covenant: Scapa Flow, later Val-Negra
Parens: Biluous
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Filiae: Tiberius the Younger, Septimus Radianus
Member of: Lineage of Biluous

Tiberius Greyhand was an Archmagus of House Flambeau. He was born on a farm in Northumbria in 885, and was found by Biluous of Bonisagus in 892. By the following year he had been accepted as an apprentice by Biluous, and passed his Gauntlet in 908.

Departing thereafter for the Iberian Tribunal, he took up residence at the Covenant in Barcelona, where he became enmeshed in both intrigues and conflicts. He became a close friend of Aristarchus of Flambeau and became proficient in Ignem. He was accorded the status of Archmagus after defeating Decimus of Tremere in Certamen in 1041, and joined House Flambeau in 1057.

In 1096 the now-aged Tiberius relocated to Val-Negra in the Pyrenees, and trained two apprentices before his Final Twilight in 1131, both of whom followed him in the Lineage of Biluous, establishing a branch of that line in his adoped House.

Apprentices of Tiberius Greyhand[]

  • Tiberius the Younger, taken as an apprentice in 1101.
  • Septimus Radianus, taken as an apprentice in 1115.