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The Transylvanian Tribunal consists of the Kingdoms of Bulgaria and Hungary, and the domains of the Serbs and Croats. There are several Covenants here, including Coeris, the Domus Magna of House Tremere, as well as several insular Covenants affiliated exclusively with that House. This Tribunal consists of some of the most magical lands in all of Christendom and the power of the Dominion is weak throughout much of the area. While it is the fastest-growing Tribunal in the Order, it is also dominated utterly by House Tremere.

Against the Dark: the Transylvanian Tribunal is the source book for this tribunal. Some information is present in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages in the Tremere section, as that house dominates the tribunal. Information can also be found in Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal and Sanctuary of Ice: The Greater Alps, in so far as they mention the adjoining tribunal.

An alternative tribunal version is available for casual gaming. This colorful version doesn't contain Tremere dominance.

Covenants of the Transylvanian Tribunal[]

  • Coeris, located in the Dinaric Alps (in the 3rd edition). In 5th edition it is located in the Southern Carpathians but the tribunal book Against the Dark places it to the Eastern Carpathians.
  • Castra Rosetum
  • Insulus Valens
  • Cerulean Gate
  • Anceal


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