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The Order of Hermes divides all of Mythic Europe into Tribunals, each of administer the Magi of a large region. Once every seven years, the Magi within a Tribunal hold a meeting, also called a Tribunal, where new Magi are presented to the order, the Quaesitores judge disputes which cannot be resolved within or between Covenants, and much additional business is conducted. Once every 33 years, each Tribunal sends a representative to a Grand Tribunal, which acts as the presiding body of the entire Order.

Each of the thirteen Tribunals corresponds to a nation, cultural area or group of related states, and each has a distinct cultural and historical flavor. For example, the Roman Tribunal is a densely populated area with a shortage of magical resources, but offers great opportunity for political plots, while the Novgorod Tribunal is a largely unsettled, often hostile environment where barbarian invaders and magical beasts can be a recurrent problem.

The Tribunals of the Order of Hermes[]

Like any medieval border, the territory of each Tribunal is not precisely defined, and is often the subject of dispute between Tribunals.