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Born: Unknown
Died: Uncertain, last seen 807
House: House Tytalus
Current or last covenant:
Parens: Guorna the Fiend
Apprenticeship: {{{apprentice_start}}} - {{{apprentice_end}}}
Gauntlet: {{{gauntlet}}}
Filia et Fili: Pralix, Hariste
Member of: nothing of note

Tytalus was the Founder of House Tytalus, an apprentice of the infamous necromancer Guorna the Fetid alongside Tremere and Pralix. As the eldest of Guorna's pupils, it was he who admistered the coup de grace to the hideous crone, unwittingly contracting Leprosy in the process.

After taking the Oath of Hermes, Tytalus was instrumental is spreading the Order by forcibly recruiting the wizards he defeated in his games. He was also closely involved with Guernicus in negotiating House Ex Miscellanea's assimilation into the OoH. He disappeared into Maddenhoffen Woods in 807 after declaring his intention to defeat the Faerie Queen.


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