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Ursula De Luca
Born: 12 July, 1200
Died: ,
House: Jerbiton
Nationality: Italian
Current or last covenant: Dulcis Fons
Parens: Favila of Jerbiton
Apprenticeship: 1206 - 1221
Gauntlet: 1221
Fili: Jerolin of Bonisagus, Aurelius of Bonisagus, Durant of Criamon
Member of: nothing of note

Ursula De Luca is the third daughter of Emilio and Pia De Luca of Bologna. She was discovered by Favila of Jerbiton in her 6th year and taken to Literatus for her apprenticeship.

Under Favila's tutelage she travelled widely within Italy, developing an understanding of the political climate in both Hermetic and Mundane society.

She excelled in the study of Muto and the art of debate, and passed her Gauntlet in the spring of 1221.

Ursula maintains a private journal of her experiences.