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Verdi is a Covenant in the Roman Tribunal, located on the island of Sardinia. It is the Domus Magna of House Verditius. Built on the site of an ancient forge of Vulcan, the Covenant is housed in seven towers which sit atop a labyrinthine underground warren. Beneath this is said to lie the actual forge used by Hephaestus, used today as a place of initiation for Verditius Magi.

The region of Sardinia in which Verdi is found is rich in magical places. The site itself has many covenfolk, and is a permanent home to six Verditius Magi, including the Primus. Visiting Magi are also often found in temporary residence for varying lengths of time (sometimes years,) and the facility has more than sufficient laboratory and living space to accomodate them.


All of House Verditus :

  • Imanitosi, Primus of House Verditius;
  • Astuth;
  • Ferramentum;
  • Marcelo;
  • Retistius;
  • Steris.