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Vis (pronounced "WEES") is raw magic power, and is sometimes found stored in physical substance or partially constituting it. Vis in a physical substance is called raw vis and it has many uses for Magi.

Raw vis is almost always associated with a particular Technique or Form i.e. Ignem vis, Creo vis, Vim vis etc. It typically appears in some kind of matter appropriate to the art it is representing (for example Auram vis could be placed in a feather while Terram vis could be placed in a stone). Once used, the power of raw vis is lost and the physical form is usually somehow changed or degraded - for example stone containing Terram vis might crumble.

The magical Form of Vim - especially combined with Intellego or Rego technique - applies to manipulating raw Vis.

Application of Raw Vis[]

Raw vis can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • strenghtening a spell,
  • performing a ritual,
  • creating magical enchantments or investing magical powers into items,
  • aiding Magi in their study of the magical arts.
  • boosting the attack or defense in certamen.

Raw vis is also used as a kind of magical currency in the Order of Hermes. One unit of raw vis is called a pawn. Ten pawns are said to make a rook while ten rooks make a queen which is a near-legendary amount of raw vis, highly unlikely to be possessed by a single magus.